I love to read. I promise I won’t post about every book I read (you will be spared reading about 1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization) but I’ll try to spread the word about all the books I love.

If you’d like to share your own discoveries, leave a comment below and I will authorize you as an author.


9 responses to “Welcome

  1. Heather

    FT, I love this… You are the best! I know why you did this though – so you can remember what you have read ;}

    I may even get a chance to post my faves here!

  2. Laurence

    I wouldn’t mind reading about some ideas for kitchen organization – no censoring for light reading ! can be refreshing occasionally !

  3. Annemieke

    Great idea! Will look out for some of the titles in Australia.

  4. Dear Francoise:

    I read with interest your review of James Carroll’s book “Practicing Catholic.” I have recently published a book on American Catholicism since Vatican II called “Tracing the Sign of the Cross: Sexuality, Mourning, and the Future of American Catholicism.” One entire chapter is about James Carroll. And yes, I agree there that it’s a shame he has nothing good to say about the pope and about a few other things as well. Here’s a link to the book on the Columbia University Press webpage:
    http://cup.columbia.edu/book/978-0-231-14702-6/tracing-the-sign-of-the-cross Maybe you will take a look at it, if you can stand to read three books about Catholicism!

    Thanks. Keep writing!


  5. Francoise,
    Belated thanks for reading and praising Border Songs. Enjoyed the Edgar Sawteel comparison. Just thought I’d mention it’s coming out in paperback on July 13, and was picked as among the best books of 2009 by The Washington Post, Toronto Star and others… Hoping to get it in the hands of more people who’ll enjoy it soon. And I’m linking your cool blog to my website.
    Best wishes, Jim Lynch

  6. cindy hill

    Just found your business card in Eucalyptus by Murray Bail. I’m on page 14 and enjoying it so far. Enjoyed reading your book comments. Cindy

  7. Alan Liechty

    Found one of your business cards in a book at the SCCL but I don’t remember which book it came from… What happened to “eclectic, opinionated”?

    • ftbooks

      Alan- thanks for your note. Eclectic means as wide as I read (not everything, obviously, but I hope an enjoyable selection of what the library has to offer, and beyond!) and opinionated, well, I try to be kind to authors but I speak my mind….

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