** The Rabbit Effect by Kelli Harding


The title of The Rabbit Effect: Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier with the Groundbreaking Science of Kindness comes from a study that serendipitously found that lovingly-cared for (lab) rabbits escaped heart attacks. From that, the author tries to spin an entire book showing that happy people with good friends and a supportive community have better health outcomes. It’s often a bit shaky, however much we’d like to believe that love and kindness are wonderful –and sometimes it feels like, perhaps, sick people have it coming to them before they were not kind enough, lovable enough, or connected enough (the author never says so, to be sure!) The most convincing part of the book is when it discusses how we could (and should!) organize society to minimize stressors to promote good health. Seems like a rather cheap way to go, actually.

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