** Help Me by Marianne Power

There are other books of the genre of Help Me! that show real-life attempts of following self-help books, but none as honest and funny as this one, in which the author undertakes to sort out her drinking, crushing debt, and so far unsuccessful search for a boyfriend by relying on self-help books. (She is a reasonably successful journalist, although impeded by too many hangovers and general disorganization.)

In a Bridget Jones sort of way, she takes us along as she struggles to organize her finances and conquer her fears of just about everything. The best chapter may well be when she decides to seek rejection by making outrageous requests, proving to herself that she can survive all kinds of humiliation (and sometimes get what she can only dream of!) The other hilarious part of the book are the contributions of her mother and friends to her efforts–and they are not all cheering. Perhaps the best part of the book is the fact that she is not the perfect success she was aiming for at the end.

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