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** Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki

The author of Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism¬†is convinced that his extreme approach to minimalism has made him happier–and I’m sure it has! What’s less clear is that we would all benefit from living in a small room with a thin futon and a low table as our only possessions (he does allow himself a Mac and iPhone, but not a proper bath towel!). I would not like to live the¬†“before” picture of his apartment, overflowing with books and tchotchkes (I imagine there is a Japanese equivalent for this term, but I do not know it), but the “after” picture is not inviting, and is lacking a family, to boot. That said, the author makes some excellent points. My favorite is that we can use the entire city as our personal floor plan, in particular to meet friends.


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