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* The Stars in Our Eyes by Julie Klam

Do you watch Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood? Read Celebitchy? Apparently lots of people do, and I bet they also recognize the names and faces of “famous” people. I don’t, so The Stars in Our Eyes: The Famous, The Infamous, and Why We Care Way too Much About Them¬†was a total loss for me, as I could not follow most of the stories, and certainly felt pity, rather than envy, at the various stories relating glimpses and accidental meetings with stars (PSA: they are just like us, but often more demanding and arrogant, what a surprise!)

There was just one section I thought was very interesting, in which the author interviewed a successful actor who explained just how disorienting it is to be famous, or not, amongst other famous people.

I remain as befuddled and uninterested in the business of fame as ever.

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