** The Perfectionists by Simon Winchester

The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World tells the fascinating story of how engineers managed to create more and more precise tools and measurement devices to create widgets of increasingly stunning precision. With humble beginnings manufacturing accurate rifles all the way to the dizzying precision of computer chip making, the author retraces inventions and inventors with verve — and often rather abstruse, impenetrable  vocabulary for the initiated. Sample: “The slide rest is necessarily placed between he lather’s headstock (which incorporates the motor and the mandrel that spins the workpiece around) and the tailstock (which need the other end of the workpiece secure).” A diagram might help, right? I don’t want to say that the whole book is as perplexing. In particular, the explanation of how GPS works is one of the clearest I have read.

A perfect book for our favorite geeks.

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