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*** This is the Year I Put My Financial Life In Order by John Schwartz

You can read This is the Year I Put My Financial Life in Order as the self-help book it’s advertised to be, and it will do the job (perhaps, if I nitpick, not stress enough the need for long-term care insurance). But I read it more as a personal story and found it very entertaining and even moving, as the author deftly tells his story and the story of his family, focusing on financial events to be sure, but it’s hard to talk about houses and meager cafeteria lunches and special provisions in one’s will for a depressed child without talking about spouses, jobs, children, and parents. Injecting personal stories into non-fiction books has become very popular and is often quite awkward. This book is a wonderful counter-example.

(It’s a little scary how basic math terrorizes English majors. Personal finance requires so little of it!)


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