* Megafire by Michael Kodas

My exploration of disasters continues: after rising waters, wildfires! And I’m no happier with Megafire: The Race to Extinguish a Deadly Epidemic of Flame than I was with The Water Will Come.

This book is built around a series of deadly fires, most in the US, and the author seems more interested in depicting heart-wrenching personal stories than exploring the larger phenomenon of why wildfires have become so large and so deadly, although if you sift through the stories you will find that overly-controlled fires, massive building in wooded areas, and drought are the main ingredients for starting fires. Add to that under-resourced local, state, and federal firefighting power and a surprising lack of solid scientific evidence for best practices, and it seems that we will continue to see more massive fires with little in the way of prevention or abatement.


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