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* The Unmade Bed by Stephen Marche

I had high hopes when I started¬†The Unmade Bed: The Messy Truth about Men and Women in the 21st Century¬†since the author, a man, gave up a tenured professorship to follow his wife and her dream job, continuing to write but also taking on care taking duties for their son. What better spokesperson for men and women equality? Also, the text is amusingly annotated by his wife, who provides commentary on what was really going on, from her perspective, during the various anecdotes he recounts. And indeed, the best part are the tales from the trenches: the weird comments by well-meaning stay-home moms, the isolation of living with a toddler 24×7 (see Monday’s review) and the wonders of day care (free in Canada, let’s all dream…). The rest does not work so well, with tedious homilies (yes, we know men and women should have similar opportunity, and bizarre, unsupported statements (no, we should not institute separate boys’ and girls’ schools because your children happen to have very different learning styles, we should instead train teachers to use more diverse methods — and hire a few guys to teach kindergarten, to boot).


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