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* Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Say you just found out that a psychopath made snuff films and the police officer to whom you reported your discovery (complete with abundant copies of said films) nonchalantly sent you away and told you not to worry your pretty little head. What would you do? (I know the premise is far-fetched but work with me.)

(A) Contact other and/or more powerful police authorities

(B) Get help from trusted friends and family

(C) Drive, unescorted, to the psychopath house, which is isolated out in the country, to see what you find

The heroines of Pretty Girls pick (C) and what follow is terrifying, but what terrified me the most was their stupidity. And also the amount of gratuitous details from the snuff films. And the ending that suggested that killing psychopaths yourself was better than using normal law and order avenues.


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