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* 1/2 First Dads by Joshua Kendall

I was disappointed by First Dads: Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama, perhaps predictably since, after all, presidents are people too so their approach to parenting cannot be too different from everyone else’s. Except that they have little time for their offsprings, and that many push their massive ambitions onto their children, with unsurprisingly grim results. There are many carefully researched stories in the book, but a surprising lack of analysis so here is my take. Given a choice, don’t be the child of a president. Most likely, you will be shunted aside for more important things, and pressured to achieve as much of your dad — and even if you are lucky to have a great dad (which is unlikely) you will live your life under the harsh light of 24×7 media scrutiny. Sad.

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