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** Save Room For Pie by Roy Blunt

Save Room for Pie: Food Songs and Chewy Ruminations is a rich Grandma’s attic: a jumble of witty odds and ends, tiny objects and large wardrobes, all with some funny or profound meaning, and with only a vague connection between them. So we get stories about bass fishing contests (much more serious than I would have thought!), a rant against culinary foam (sorry, El Bulli), a four-day exploration of biscuits, an essay about chicken gizzards (they are tough, don’t buy them), a biography of Louis Prima (jazz musician who had a few songs about food), an ode to compost (yeah!), and hunting habits of baboons (really; they do eat their prey, after all). And this is without naming the many short poems about vegetables.


I chose to read the book in one go, which was definitely a mistake. Maybe leave it on the table and sample a few tidbits every day?

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