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** Humans Need Not Apply by Jerry Kaplan

Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence┬áis a rather awkwardly organized book that starts in a meandering fashion, first singing the praises of technological progress, then moving to the techniques that online companies use to ensnare buyers and users, and only then discussing the income inequality issues brought about by the stark differences between those jobs that command the AI technology and those that do not, and may well be eliminated anyway. The author does a great job showing how computers have progressed astonishingly fast by comparing their progress to gas mileage (by now, we could be driving cross-country and back on a measly single gallon of gas!) He also has a spirited, if clumsy expose of what regular workers’ lifestyles look like in Silicon Valley. But gauche name-dropping and unlikely solutions to the problem (more 401K-like social security? I don’t see how that would resolve any of the problems of lower-paid workers) make the book a bit of a slog to read.

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