*** Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker

After too many years of loathing time spent on planes (first world problem) I vowed to fully appreciate the wonders of takeoffs and the delights of landings. It’s transformed my experience. With  Skyfaring: A Journey with a Pilot, we meet a pilot who never ceased to be amazed at the world he sees from up high, the planes he flies, and the naval terminology that aviation adopted.
He can talk lyrically about clouds and about the redcaps, the flight coordinators who ensure that people, food, fuel, and luggage all make it onto the plane; about the arcs around the world that planes follow to take advantage of ever-changing winds and the funny little bunks off the cockpits where the pilots can nap on long-haul flights. And he has many anecdotes about sun visors, two-hour countries versus four-hour countries, and the funny names of beacons and air-control regions, all behind-the-scenes knowledge that is a delight to the passenger-reader. Wonderful!


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