* A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan

A Window Opens is an insipid fairy tale for grown-up women, starting and ending with the heroine-mother at home, with her children, except for a few hours of meaningful work (it is the 21st century, after all). The tale starts when her lawyer-husband quits his job rather dramatically, forcing her to find a full-time opportunity, which magically (it is a fairy tale, remember) materializes even though she hardly knows how to maneuver the computer systems or the social scene at the ambitious startup where she lands. Meanwhile, her perfect (fairy tale!), although part-time nanny takes perfect care of the children. Sadly, her father dies but all is well again by the end and her husband somehow gets up from his drunken couch to find that he has enough clients when she quits to return home.

If you can avoid cramps in your ocular muscles as you roll your eyes to the unlikely chain of events, there are lovely bits to the story, in particular stirring descriptions of the heroine’s love for her children.


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