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** Jonas Salk by Charlotte DeCroes Jacobs

Jonas Salk: A Life is a well-researched biography of a famous man, whom we think we know because of his discovery of the polio vaccine, but who actually started out by creating a flu vaccine, and in the process of testing it demonstrated the concept of herd immunity. Not bad! Sadly, his life after his big discovery seems to revolve around building a shrine of a lab and making quite a shamble of his personal life.

I seem to always get bored when reading biographies, because they seem to contain a level of details that does not add much to the overall arc of the story. Who cares about the exact date at which he met his second wife (Francoise Gilot, who perhaps should be famous as an artist, but most famous for being Picasso’s lover)? I sped-read through the second half.

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