* Carsick by John Waters

Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America, unsurprisingly tells the story of the author, the film director, hitchhiking from his home in Baltimore to his other home in San Francisco, but before it does he tells two different stories, one of the perfect trip and one of the trip from hell. I quite enjoyed the first leg of his imagined first trip, in which a drug dealer gives him millions of illegally gained dollars to make a movie, but the rest of the happy trip is so over the top as to be barely readable, by me at least. The horrific trip is so violent and obscene as to be repellent. And the real trip? Well, let’s just say that it helps to have a cell phone, a credit card, and an office back home that can arrange car rides and ferret out the best places to get a ride — and it does not hurt to be famous enough to be recognized once in a while. All that is not really representative of the average hitchhiking trip. What’s remarkable is the kindness of the people he meets on the road, many of whom go out of their way, very literally, to make sure he is safe. The book seems a little exploitative compared to their uncalculated generosity.


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