*** Emma by Jane Austen

So I said I would read the original Emma, and I did. I even managed to read a big part of it while flying to the UK, to put me in the mood, as it were. And I’m happy to report that the original is wonderful. It’s not entirely clear to me why we 21st-century denizens can find the lives of idle upperclass 19th-century folks so fascinating, but we do get caught up in the grave decision of who should open the ball, not to mention who should marry whom…

Emma, the main character, is a spirited and occasionally misguided young woman — but after all, she is only 20! But she may not be the most interesting character. Her father, a timid, worried misanthrope, frets during the entire story. Miss Bates is an accomplished (and mocked) motormouth, and we get to eavesdrop on her perfectly rendered prattle. And Mrs Elton, a self-centered snob, provides a counterpoint of unending jabbering, but with a queen-bee venom. Delicious, despite the various racist commentaries and the obviously dated views of young women’s opportunities. Today, Emma would be embarking on a powerful career instead of being chided by Mr. Knightley in prelude to marrying him. I just gave away the end but you knew it already, right?


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