*** Get What’s Yours by Kotlikoff , Moeller & Solman

In honor of Tax Day, let’s think about ways that we will, one day, get money back from the government. Written by three economists, Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security takes us through the very complicated rules of Social Security in a highly engaging manner (note to non-US readers: the government retirement system in the US). Except for the last chapter about the future of Social Security, the book is entirely practical and is a tutorial on when to file for benefits depending on family circumstances. Along the way, the authors, who profess a deep affection for the system despite its flaws, describe how rules that were put in place to protect, mostly, elderly widows, are working in sometimes illogical ways under today’s different social circumstances.

If you want to skip this book, you need only remember one thing: file as late as you can, but not after age 70. Now back to work and putting money into your 401k…


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