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*** Butterflies in November by Audur Ava Olafsdottir

In the first chapter of Butterflies in November, the heroine hits a goose with her car (not good for the goose!), and gets dumped by both her lover and her husband. But she quickly decides to move forward, cooks the goose for dinner, wins two lotteries, and takes off on a wild drive around Iceland — no doubt she would have gone for something more exotic, but her best friend landed in the hospital and needs her to take care of her deaf four-year old, so off she goes with the kid in the back seat and her millions in the glove compartment!

They meet many delightful characters along the way, cope with a deluge, and find new hope. If that makes you think of the Hundred-Year Old Man who fled his birthday celebration in the nursing home, me too! This story is as zany but more grounded in reality, and you can enjoy the local customs along the way such as mayonnaise sandwich cakes for funerals, fish soup, and the aforementioned goose. The depiction of the four-year old is excellent, and the leaving-but-wanting-to-come-back husband character is also most entertaining.

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