** Solomon’s Song by Bryce Courtenay

Solomon’s Song concludes the Australian Trilogy and is divided roughly in two parts. One continues the ancestral rift among the Solomon family, now from Melbourne where the headquarters of the family business have moved. There is little violence and mayhem there, certainly compared to the past two volumes, just lots of business intrigue, which I found to be quite dull.

The other half relates the adventures of the two great-grandsons, who are tragically of age to join the ANZAC forces of WWI. With them, we go to Gallipoli and there is plenty of real violence and death. It won’t end well.

Although I found both parts of the story somewhat tedious, the author always manages to introduce unique characters, such as the well-bred lieutenant who spends his war drawing flowers. And he can skillfully capture the emotion of hackneyed moments, such as the fear of the soldiers sitting in the boats about to come on shore in Gallipoli.


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