** The Lonely War by Nazila Fathi

The Lonely War: One Woman’s Account of the Struggle for Modern Iran is the memoir of a woman journalist who grew up under the revolution in Iran, and who eventually was forced to flee after the regime had her followed and threatened. She tries to combine her personal history with that of the country, and she is much more successful when she conveys personal experiences, whether it is the conservative revolutionary chasing her and all girls away from the swimming pool in her apartment complex or forcing her to wear clothes that made it hard to breathe. There are stories of the family maid, whose revolutionary daughter scores them a new apartment, and of the morality teachers railing against “original packaging”, which they mistakenly thought was the name for Walkmans, and many street jokes that capture the Zeitgeist better than any lengthy considerations about policies, candidates, or statistics.

Feel free to skip the details of elections, and you will enjoy the personal stories.


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  1. Seems to be an interesting book. I definitely consider to buy it. I am very interested in contemporary Iranian women (specially their success stories). Here is a selection of my posts on Iranian women:

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