** Armadale by Wilkie Collins

As announced a couple weeks ago, Armadale is the Wilkie Collins novel I liked least — but that does not mean I did not read it avidly. At over 700 pages, it features (take a deep breath): an illicit romance, a stolen child, two men with the same name, a couple of stolen fortunes, two shipwrecks, a corrupt doctor, and, best of all, a wicked heroine who seeks to ruin an entire family.

I’m not giving anything away as every plot twist is heavily announced and foreshadowed in solid 19th century style, all based on a shared dream, no less. That was too much for me!

That said, the heroine is stupendous. In modern times she would be a scheming CEO (spying on the competition rather than the simpleton Armadale), snorting cocaine (she has to make do with laudanum in this story) and enjoying her male conquests (she needs to pretend to be perfectly chaste here, so she stops at bigamy). I’m always amazed of how modern Collins’s themes can be.


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