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** White Like Me by Tim Wise

Written by an anti-racism activist who is white, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son is a barely controlled rant against unconscious racism and especially the unconscious privilege of white people in America. He does a splendid job of showing that today’s white folks, who never owned a slave, still benefit from the system of slavery both because of the wealth their families accumulated as a result but also, and this goes for everyone, even recent immigrants, because of the higher status that whites have enjoyed and still enjoy. Well done. Alas, he gets carried away, as when he presents his demented grandmother’s tirades as proof of racism. Sadly senile dementia may provoke all kinds of tirades that don’t prove much beyond the existence of dementia, right? And at some point he seems to suggest that non-whites don’t have time to look at serious issues as an intellectual exercise, which I thought was insulting. (Replace non-whites with “women” and I think you will agree with me.)

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