* Save the Date by Jen Doll

Save the Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guest is the cringe-inducing memoir of a twit who attends many weddings, gets seriously drunk at most, sleeps with ill-chosen guests (we should, perhaps, charitably assume that drunkenness makes for poor decision-making), and seems to want, above all, a wedding of her own, despite her swearing up and down to the contrary. It’s all very sad (and boring).

Behind all the silly stories, there emerges an obvious truth that many wedding traditions need a makeover: when no one wants to catch the bouquet, why throw it? Why a wedding registry if pots and pans and plates and glasses are already owned? But the author does not want to linger on anything substantial and seems to want most of all to recall her outfits in great details. Presumably because she chose them before falling into that drunken stupor…


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