*** The Son by Jo Nesbo

I’m just a little obsessed with Jo Nesbo’s police seriesThe Son is the latest installment, and although bodies are falling throughout it, it feels strangely calm, ordered even, as it is the story of a revenge, and as such the informed reader (and the police) know very well who is next. (The uninformed reader should be able to start with this book and follow along very well, even without having read the previous books in the series, as the detectives summarize the past action for the rookies on the force, and us.)

It’s so difficult to review a mystery without giving away the plot, so I will skirt any summarization and just say that the author cunningly exploits how an excellent listener can leverage years of prison confessions to his benefit. Parts of the action are hard to believe (for instance, wouldn’t the police, even with limited means, watch the house of a serial killer night and day?) and the ending is rather unbelievable but the revenge narrative is full of new twists and both the narrator and the hero/serial killer eminently interesting and even likable.


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