*** The Splendid Things we Planned by Blake Bailey

The Splendid Things We Planned: A Family Portrait starts innocusouly enough with an older brother that may be a little harsh sometimes, but with reasonably stable parents who seem able to nurture both the author and his brother. As the story progresses the parents divorce and become distracted with rebuilding their lives while the brother turns out to be an alcoholic and heroin addict so the family struggles to alternatively help him or protect itself from him.

There is always the hope that the brother will turn the corner, stop drinking, start working at a regular job, avoid wrecking another car, and indeed there is a successful interlude in the Marines, of all jobs, but in the end only the mother chooses to continue to protect him, and that does not end well. Meanwhile the brother finds his own alcoholic battle. Not exactly uplifting, perhaps, but a masterful story of what it means to love a brother who cannot be saved from himself.


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