* How To Fail at Almost Everything by Scott Adams

Curious to know that Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, eats pasta but not white potatoes, or that broccoli is good for you? Then you may enjoy How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life. I am harsh. Yes, the book includes two preachy and entirely forgettable chapters on nutrition and exercise and yes, the narrative is oddly pitched as grandfatherly advice on how to lead our lives, advice we may need but why from Scott Adams? But throughout the book — except for the aforementioned nutrition and  exercise chapters —  there are clever and occasionally poignant observations. It’s clever to note that people tend to act much more confidently after a successful status change. (The example in the book is after a promotion; I see this each year as high school seniors get college acceptances. Same student, but walking much taller with the first positive response.) And it is poignant to share the big letdown of being rich and famous, but adrift.

Still, the rewards of reading from cover to cover are meagre.



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