** Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker

Mercy Snow is a poor young woman who finds herself embroiled in a harsh battle with the town’s once-wealthy family, the owners of the local paper mill that provide employment for almost all the families of the small town where she lives with her brother and young sister. The conflict is between Mercy and June, the mill owner’s wife, who is intent of  getting Mercy’s brother blamed for a deadly accident.

The best part of the story, for me, were a couple of  minor characters:  Mercy’s employer, a female sheep farmer who has a secret of her own and is not afraid to stand up to June, and Mercy’s little sister whose meandering ways were very endearing and true to life.

For the rest, the plot is discernible from the first pages, and unfortunately the thickly rendered contrast between rich (or used-to-be-rich) June vs. poor Mercy weighs upon every detail, so it’s slow going, Since the main characters of Mercy and June are drawn as caricatures of the poor and cunning versus the rich and entitled, there’s not much else to savior.

Unfortunately, the


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