** The Wonder of Aging by Michael Gurian

I thought it would be interesting to educate myself about getting older, so I picked up The Wonder of Aging: A New Approach to Embracing Life After Fifty, and I found a few interesting thoughts. One, perhaps obvious to everyone, is that there is a big transition from middle-age to older, and that transition requires time and adaptation, just like others we have gone through before. The other is that aging can and perhaps should be a time of mentorship to the young — something that seems most enjoyable to me.

But overall the book was disappointing, perhaps because it stems from the authors practice as a therapist, so he sees a lot of people who have trouble aging — and perhaps their experiences are not universal. I also wondered how he places physical decline front and center of that over-50 life, and (knock on wood) I could not quite comprehend this.


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