* Angry White Men by Michael Kimmel

I thought Angry White Men: American Masculinity at the End of an Era would explore the reasons for the anger of (some) white men in the face of their losing entitlements their fathers enjoyed and they thought would continue for them. And indeed fairly short passages of the book present such men. Unfortunately, the bulk of the book is devoted to more extreme views, ranging from the Tea Party to white supremacists, and even trying to position school shooters as part of that same white-man anger movement. That chapter is particularly perilous, since (1) it features a non-white shooter and (2) it argues that the shooters were motivated by the bullying, not of feminists or non-white men, standard threats in the other chapters of the book, but other white men/boys with incredibly narrow views on what makes a real man. It’s all quite sad but does not serve the larger, and saner argument of the book that these angry men are angry over what they feel they have lost — which would have deserved more exploration — and what they have failed to gain at the same time, including better treatment for fathers during divorces.


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