** The Bat by Jo Nesbo

Yes, the police inspector and anti-hero of The Bat: A Harry Hole Novel is named Harry Hole, and even his Norwegian citizenship does not excuse the name — but the story of the detective asked to help his Sydney colleagues solve the murder of a Norwegian woman living there quickly dissipates any chuckles about his name from the part of the reader. It’s a gritty story, with many repulsive descriptions, lots of violence, and a series of the unimaginable risks that Mr. Hole takes with his safety, not to mention that of others. There are also lots of bodies in gruesome scenes, and it’s a little hard to conceive that Harry can remain coherent and alive with so much drinking, let alone bullets flying everywhere.

I thought that the aboriginal subplot was on the verge of inappropriateness but the story is gripping, with many clever asides peppered throughout – enough to get me to read another book in the series. Stay tuned!


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