** The Internet Police by Nate Anderson

The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed is composed of a series of chapters, each focused on a particular aspect of the interplay between crime and the Internet such as what privacy means online, or how to police copyrights in a world where files can be exchanged quasi instantaneously. The author does a good job of showing how it took (and is taking!) time for law enforcement and the law to catch up with the new medium, which was designed without any thought of becoming a ubiquitous tool, much like any other invention created its own legal dilemmas.

Some of the stories, and particularly the details of the trials, get rather tedious to read, and the author occasionally lapses into doomsday predictions that Big Brother surveillance will necessarily derive from the Internet, but overall  he makes a strong case that patience is helpful as the world gets used to the technology and learns to adapt the legal system to it.

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