** The Curiosity by Stephen Kiernan

The Curiosity‘s plot relies on the fanciful notion that scientists have found a man frozen in an iceberg (why not),  that they manage to revive him (highly unlikely) and, more astonishingly, that the man is conveniently a Bostonian, who is revived in a city he knows well. I found it extremely challenging to embrace the scientific pretense as well as the amazing coincidence of place.

Beyond that, the story does very well in painting the world of the lab, with its egomaniac leader and frightened underlings, its crazy rules and the ease with which they are flaunted, and the complicated relationships with the press and the public at large.  The concerns of the revived man are also well captured. The silly love story with one of the investigators is unbelievable — a friendship would be more appropriate. But I found much to like with the story, at least when I managed to set aside the improbable premise.


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