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* Almost True Confessions by Jane O’Connor

Light fare can be fun but Almost True Confessions: Closet Sleuth Spills All strains the imagination. The heroine, a New York copy editor is asked to work on the latest manuscript of a reclusive writer of decidedly unauthorized biographies of celebrities, only to find her unfortunately killed in her own bed. She sets out to untangle the mystery, along the way rubbing elbows with the very rich New York elite, her son’s very rich private school friends (it’s not entirely clear how she pays his tuition, since her means are stated to be quite limited), and a friendly ex-alcoholic ex-cop who turns out to be, by far, the most appealing character of the book.

Throughout the book are sprinkled copy-editor comments, a few of which are funny but most of which seem prissy and unneeded in what could be a breathless thriller. It never gets to that level.

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