** Mother Daughter Me by Katie Hafner

Mother Daughter Me chronicles the author’s ill-advised decision to invite her aging mother to move in with her and her daughter into a rented house in San Francisco. The house turns out to be poorly heated and its basement, where her mother lives, dark and cramped, but it’s not the house that’s the problem. Rather, it’s her mother with her unpredictable moods, her past as an alcoholic who lost custody of her two daughters after too many benders (and who seems to barely remember her daughters’ difficult childhoods), and her inevitable conflicts with her teenage granddaughter who, understandably, misses the peace and quiet of her life with just her mother.

Much of the story describes the author’s childhood and young adulthood rather than the year of cohabitation (which ends in a happy parting of ways), so it makes for a satisfying personal story and much more than a journal of a predictable disaster.



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