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** Give and Take by Adam Grant

Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success┬áis an optimistic book that generous people (called “givers” in the book”) can succeed better than selfish ones (“takers”) — but only in the long run, and only, apparently, for some givers (others do finish last, as common wisdom suggests and the book conveniently sweeps under the carpet.)

Still, it’s wonderful to see proof that nice people can do well because of their generosity. And good to see that harmonious work relationships improve performance of surgeons and others who depend on larger teams. Even better to see that humans can be tricked into working better and more accurately by personalizing their work. The perfect book for givers who wonder whether they are being taken advantage of — and the people who love them.

One rant: we don’t get to meet a single female giver until the last third of the book. Surprising, no?

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