** She Matters by Susanna Sonnenberg

She Matters: A Life in Friendships is a memoir artfully architected around the author’s friendships with women, from her teenage years as the daughter of a narcissistic, utterly un-mothering mother and a divorced, also remote father. Her thirst for nurturing relationships is understandable, but a bit scary as well, and there is a histrionic, hot-and-cold quality to the friendships that I found a little disturbing — in addition to my usual squeamishness about reading what I feel are over-shared details that may benefit from a little more privacy, not only for the author’s sake but her friends’ and family’s as well.

I thought that the stories were most successful when it described the travails of raising young children and the uneasy balancing of them, life, and work, and when it betrayed, at several points, the gilded world in which the author was born, in which venturing out to Brooklyn is an utter adventure.

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