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** Nature Wars by Jim Sterba

Nature Wars: The Incredible Story of How Wildlife Comebacks Turned Backyards into Battlegrounds┬átells the remarkable tale of how the intensification of agriculture allowed much land in the US to become available once again for trees, how people moved to live in the suburbs, amongst the trees, and how the animals that enjoy living amongst the trees are clashing with the people. Since suburbanites have developed a soft heart towards nature and won’t countenance shooting the nuisance animals (certainly not pressing the trigger themselves, and often not allowing others to do it to), we have a perfect storm of sentimentality versus real life.

The book is neatly organized in chapters that focus around various animals, from geese to deer to bears, and after a while the (well documented) stories become a bit repetitive, and I would have liked to see some ideas on how to turn the situation around, but it’s interesting to see how protecting animals can be ridiculous and anti-productive when applied to animals that are proliferating rather than rarer species.

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