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** Breasts by Florence Williams

Right from the image on the cover (and the back cover!) you can tell that Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History¬†will approach the topic in a light-hearted way. And it holds true for the first part of the book, which features a clutch of breast researchers who would be fun dinner-party guests if they would chat about what they do every day, whether it is tracking their subjects’ eye movements when watching pictures of various sizes, if you see what I mean, or painstakingly calculating volumes and radii with intricate equations. Things get a little less amusing when we get to implants, at least the failed ones and even the overly ambitious ones… Alas the last third of the book revels into the various chemicals that accumulate in breasts and breast milk and the weird efforts some make to rid themselves of said chemicals, without necessarily a proof that the “chemicals” are really noxious. Shouldn’t that be the first step?

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