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* The Good Father by Noah Hawley

Are fathers all over the land worrying about their sons becoming murderers?  I read Defending Jacob just a few days ago and The Good Father reprises the theme, this time with the wayward son killing a presidential candidate, no less. This book did not work well for me. For starters, the dad ponderously tries to understand what happens but keeps coming back to his initial hypothesis, namely that growing up the child of divorced parents made Daniel do it. Surely, with the high rate of divorces we would know by now that they create murderous children, wouldn’t we? And lots of details seem wrong and interfere with  the story.  Why would this prosperous physician’s (second) wife choose to work around the clock as a virtual assistant, constantly interrupting family life with calls from her clients? Why do scheduled flights land at LAX at 3am?  Finally, the book seems to consist mostly of stringing together the stories of various president murderers, too thinly disguised as the dad’s musings. If you must read about son murderers, go with Defending Jacob.


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