** Last Man in Tower by Aravind Adiga

I had liked Aravind Adiga’s White Tiger, an edgy story about a driver turned entrepreneur in a Bangalore with rich and poor, and seemingly no one in the middle, and I liked Last Man in Tower, a tale of real estate development in booming Mumbai. As in The White Tiger, the author makes it personal, focusing on the corrupt, but entirely likable real estate developer with a messy family life, pitted against the owners of condos in a crumbling building that he wants to raze to build a vertiginous tower. What made the story for me was the accumulation of little substories: the mangoes from the street vendors after a harrowing train commute, the rat on the roof of the restaurant, the shop owners who was born in Kenya while Indians were welcome there, the letter writing of sisters who try to outdo each other’s vocabulary. The intrigues of the condo owners enticed me in their pettiness and diversity, but after 200 pages the obstinate refusal of the retired schoolteacher to sell got a little tedious. Still, an enjoyable story of greed and the clash of modernity and tradition.


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