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* Lonely at the Top by Thomas Joiner

Poor men. They run almost all countries, dominate the world of business, and provide the vast majority of media pundits. So it’s a little hard to feel sorry for them and I was a skeptical when I opened Lonely at the Top: The High Cost of Men’s Success.  My concerns increased as I read the acknowledgements, in which the author lavishly recognizes his own department at Florida State, way too self-serving for my taste, and when he proceeded to describes men’s loneliness mainly through personal anecdotes. Surely if there is a real problem, and it sounds like there might be, there must be better ways to describe it. And why would the hard fact of a much higher suicide rate amongst men prove that they are more lonely? It doesn’t even prove that they are more depressed, only more likely to use a gun to self-medicate. And I will pass on the asinine notion that we wear wedding rings on the fourth finger because it’s the testosterone-sensitive finger, for shame!

But fortunately the second half of the book, which focuses on solutions to men’s loneliness, is a completely different story. It shows great caring for his patients and others like them and it gives many practical, simple suggestions that any reader can use. (Including sleeping regular hours: just think, we can both beat loneliness and solve global warming that way!)

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