*** Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

I had a strong feeling of deja vu when reading Thinking, Fast and Slow, and it was because it brought to mind two other books I read recently, Willpower and The Believing Brain, both of which explores the interactions of our rational and automatic decision-making system.

This author names them System 1 and System 2, System 1 being the automatic, fast, impulsive, no-effort kind and System 2 being the rational, slow, tiring, intellectual kind. The beauty of the book is that the author never denigrates System 1 and instead shows how essential it is that we don’t have to put every decision through the formal mechanism of System 2, which would be terribly slow, costly, and even dangerous.

He also does a great job of showing when and how to specifically summon System 2 to help — and also gives examples of System 1 sneaking in uninvited. For instance, judges render much harder verdicts when hungry (tip: next time you’re in court, bring a snack, not for you, for the judge!)


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