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* The Echo Chamber by Luke Williams

The Echo Chamber is a reminder of how difficult it is to write (good) magical realism stories. This one features a heroine with huge ears hence amazing hearing (a bit cliché, right there!) who was born in Nigeria near the end of British rule but is now living in Scotland and is remembering and imagining the lives of her forefathers by cleaning her attic, literally and, heavily so, metaphorically.There are interesting bits and pieces in the story, in particular a glimpse into the days of British administration in Lagos, but I did not care for the overplayed dementia of her grandfather (why would he confuse her for a long-ago male colleague, from a previous life, no less?), the contrivedly jumbled chronology, the overblown emotional responses to everything, the tedious, enormously long checklists of this and that,  or the barely coherent diary entries from her girlfriend.


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