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* The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman

The Visible Man is the story of a therapist who falls in love with a very strange patient who initially refuses to visit in person and then turns out to be invisible, protected by a mysterious suit and skin cream that allow him to move about almost entirely unseen. Clever, no?

Unfortunately, not much comes out of the premise. We get a few reasonably creative tidbits about the challenges of being invisible (hard to move in crowds, must carefully plan for eating and visiting the bathroom) but it turns out that the invisible man is just a regular creep who exploit his invisibility to steal and spy on other people — and who occasionally takes ill-advised actions to protect his victims, but ends up hurting them instead, not that he cares much about anyone. And he talks and talks to the therapist, who should have fired him at the second session but was too chicken to do it. And the falling in love remained completely puzzling to me. Why fall in love with a jerk, and an invisible jerk at that?

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