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* Mindset by Carol Dweck

The problem with Mindset is that it’s simply too long. Here’s a short summary: if you think that your talents and abilities are fixed, you will only get so far. If on the other hand you think you can always improve, you will.

That’s it.

So 246 pages later, when I finally got to the end of the book, I was just a tad annoyed that I had to flip through all those pages to read that Jack Welch, Tiger Woods, and Enron are all wonderful role models of the growth mindset (gee, can’t wait to join the club now!), and to read multiple syrupy letters to the author from people whose lives she enriched (glad to hear that, but why do I have to read them?)

I started the book agreeing with the idea but by the end I was busy coming up with counterarguments. Is this fancy-schmancy growth mindset anything more than just hard work and discipline? Is theĀ  growth mindset nothing more than a coverup for mania? Isn’t it self-defeating to even think that one can accomplish anything, such as the fantasy that I could run a mile in 3 minutes if I really put my mind to it? I think I need a little rest now.


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