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** Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Parks

I quite liked Teach Us to Sit Still,  the unlikely wonderful story of the author, who suffers crippling pain in his nether regions, which brings him to consult numerous physicians who fail to find anything wrong in his prostate or bladder and ends up discovering meditation (hence the “sit still” of the title) and getting better. Who knew that a recitation of physical woes could be so interesting? Of course the fun lies elsewhere, in the author’s dry sense of humor, whether he is making off-hand comments about his opinionated brother, telling the self-deprecating story of finding himself locked in a completely dark and unfamiliar bathroom, recounting his furtive and stoic explorations of Internet resources, making fun of the fake “unrehearsed” speech of fellow literary award recipients, or simply cataloging the array of distracting noises while proctoring an exam.

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