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Books of the Month – May 2011

Many enjoyable books this month, but none that make me jump up and down either. The ones I liked best all explore different worlds:

India Calling, a view of contemporary India by an Indian-American

Started Early, Took my Dog, the unlikely story of an unlikely child snatcher

Moonwalking with Einstein,a peek into the bizarre (and I thought rather pointless, but interesting) world of memory champs

Annoying, a delightful book about, well, annoying things

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* Left Neglected by Lisa Genova

Where do I start? Left Neglected is the story of a driven executive with three children who, after a car crash suffers from a neurological problem that leaves her unable to see anything on the left or even control the left side of her body. As a result she requires extensive rehab during which she reconnects with her children and, among other things, cures her son’s ADHD and moves to the slow lane in Vermont to work happily for a disability-rights organization. How perfect! Let’s all get a head injury so we can slow down and spend time with the people who really need us, our children.

I should stop ranting here but why stop. Why, when the successful mom (and equally successful husband), pre-crash, arrange their child care duties by flipping coins. Seriously! And the supposedly hard-driving executive manages to travel internationally on a regular basis under that crazy arrangement? And while she has had a horrible relationship with her mother, ever since her brother died as a child and her mother became too depressed to care for her, the same mother miraculously springs into action and manages the kids and her ailing daughter before reconciling with her. Please, stop the insanity.

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