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The Infinite Book by John Barrow

The Infinite Book is not the ultimate nerdy book about multiplication about infinity, how some infinities are larger than others (really!), and how bounded surfaces can also be infinite (think spheres). Well it is all that, to the delight of math-lovers everywhere, but it’s more. It also tells the gripping stories of feuding mathematicians (no giggling — studying infinity can blow one’s mind!) It shows how mathematical infinity obviously exists and makes sense and is not that weird (apart from that idea of different types of infinity!) while¬† physical infinity may not exist at all and philosophical infinity, well, who knows? It wanders over to the Big Bang and, inevitably, to quantum physics. It even shows how infinite life may well be completely and absolutely horrible.

A (nerdy) nit: why would anyone publishing a book that’s full of math choose to use a typeface in which the number 1 reads the same as the capital letter I?

But apart from that, great book – and not just for nerds.

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